Testimonials & Reviews

"I'm thrilled that we finally ate here.  The food was delicious and presented beautifully.  The interior is lovely and the service was both fast and friendly"
- Karen J., South Lake Tahoe, CA 6/22/2009

"How can we explain just how much we like The Basil Creative Thai Cuisine in Carson City, Nevada?.  Let me put it this way: even though my husband and I live at the top of the mountain (at 7500 feet) on Kingsbury Summit in The Lake Tahoe basin, we drive 45 minutes downhill, past two other Thai restaurants, just so that we can satisfy our craving for GREAT Thai food instead of the mediocre variety"
- Marianne S., Kingsbury, NV 6/17/2009

"was here recently 6/01/09. by far the best thai food i have ever had! everything was so good, beautiful presentation with the food. great service!. no complaints here!"
- Amber j., Whitethorn, CA 6/04/2009

"I have been having lunch here as often as possible for the last 4 years.  The food is excellent and your plate is full.  The wait staff is attentive.  My favorite is the green curry.  Excellent!"
- Diane O., Gardnerville, NV 6/04/2009

"Stopped in for lunch today and they blew me out of the water. Best Thai food I've had in a long time.  Really off the hook for lunch!"
- Mike D., Reno, NV 5/01/2009

"This place rocks and not only because the food is delicious and extremely well prepared.  But I could only imagine how hard it is to find good Thai food out in this area"
- Jason W., Oakland, CA 5/01/2009

"Every things excellent on the menu, and I still haven't picked anything i haven't liked yet.  The food just tastes so clean and fresh.  Always has friendly and fast services, and the atmostphere is excellent"
- Andrew F., Carson City, NV 4/15/2009

"I found this place on Yelp.  All I can say is wow!  This is the best Thai restaurant I have ever been to outside of Thailand"
- Tim H., Winter, CA 3/27/2009

"Drivng to Carson and make this place as my food destination, is always a treat."
- pepe G., Reno, NV 2/28/2009

"I can't say enough about the quality of service too. We've always been made to feel like we've entered someone's home who loves having us visit"
- Cindy H., Minden, NV 1/8/2009

"Basil was, as the five star rating suggests, as good as it gets! This restaurant is one of the few places where impeccable service intersects with beautifully presented and delectable food."
- Daniel P., Napa, CA 1/7/2009

"Having grown up in San Francisco and now living in LA, I've sampled plenty of Thai fare in my life. And even while traveling in Thailand, never have I seen such innovative presentation. Not every dish comes with a food sculpture, but many of the specials and a few of the regular dishes do."
- Mary S., Santa Monica, CA 9/29/2008

"We also enjoyed some wonderful Coco Banana, which turned out to be perfect. Following the duck with this was magical and she smiled the entire time after that."
- Rev. Dr. Christopher J.G., Mountain View, CA 9/8/2008

"Absolutely outstanding food. The Basil serves some of the best Thai food around, even better than places in the Bay Area. High-quality ingredients and exceptional preparation are standards. The servers are the friendliest that you will find in any restaurant. The ambiance is also quite good. An exceptional restaurant and value."
- Scott L., Carson City, NV 7/12/2008

"Love Thai Basil, very friendly atmoshpere"
- Tammie A., Carson City, NV 5/25/2008

"absolutely beautiful artful presentation of the food, humble professional service, pristine white linens, superb glassware, art plates and ethnic servingware and then the food just melts in your mouth with a light blend of specialty sauces perfectly executed and main protein ingredients of the highest quality"
- glitzypursegirl., South Lake Tahoe, CA 5/19/2008

"This is absoulutly the best Thai restaurant I have been to. This is including California L.A or Bay Area. The food is well prepared and has a slight twist on the standard fare most places serve. Yes, you can still get the standard Pad Thai and Curries, but try some of the seafood specials"
- JWright, 4/15/2008

"We'd love to come back more and more to our new favorite Thai Place.
After all, we went home happy."
- Troy Christian, 3/19/2008

"Basil had been recommended by the Bliss Bungalow.  We went in and I suggested the Pad Thai for my man.  He likes a little spicy food but not too spicy.  He loved it."
- Christine D., Portland, OR 2/23/2008

"What makes this place special is FRESH ingredients prepared well.  Good service, too.
It is surprising to find such good Thai food in the nation's smallest state capital, but there it is.  I recommend The Basil highly."
- Traffic G., Redwood City, CA 2/19/2008

"Wow, this was the best Thai rest. I've been to, including the Bay Area. Service is perfect, and the owners are great. They will fix you things that are not on the menu!"
- Lisa Matthews, 11/13/2007

"All the food here is special since it tastes like not just traditional Thai food. There is a little twist on the cooking style. I like this better then anything I've had in the Bay Area! Hey, Another reason to come to carson!"
- Kara V., Reno, NV 11/12/2007

"This is the best Thai food I have ever had, and I am from the Bay Area, so I have been to many Thai places. The food is creative, not just the standard traditional dishes"
- Allnight r., Carson City, NV 10/5/2007

"This is an exceptional full-flavored dish with just the right balance of heat. It is honestly one of the best dishes I have ever been served in any restaurant!"
- Louise, 9/6/2007

"The service was excellent and the staff was very friendly"
- Magaret L., Seattle, WA 1/13/2007

"This is my favorite place to eat in Carson City. Food is very unique flavors. Best Thai food ever, including all of calif. Service is perfect"
- Monte Lee, 1/6/2007